29 July, 2008

the merry wives of windsor

This past friday (july 25) we took a trip to windsor and eton, england.. about 30 minutes out of London.. located on the Thames. Both were quite beautiful. In Windsor, we ate lunch, saw Windsor Castle, and also grabbed dinner and dessert there. In between meals, we spent time in Eton. We saw Eton College, which is a boys boarding school-- for boys 13-18. It was quite beautiful as well.. Overall the trip was quite fun. I went with my two flatmates Liz and Megan as well as our friend Evan. It was exhausting, but well worth it! Here are some pictures..

castle grounds
eton college
city by the thames
garden/windsor castle
windsor castle gate
London Mail box.
megan, me, liz
nice view of windsor.
evan and me -- eton college

the town
map of the castle.
the castle again.
with the guard.


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