25 June, 2008

Anxiously awaiting my voyage..

Slowly I say goodbye to my friends and family... I realize I am giving up a lot to go on this trip- my nephew Paxton's first birthday, my sister Robyn having her first child, Brian and Ashley's 21st birthdays, the family reunion, even Independence Day celebrations... I love my family and friends dearly, but I guess you can realize how eager I am to go to be giving up so much. For someone who has never been out of the country, this is a big deal.

I finally began packing. I really think I will be fine with one suitcase.. PLENTY of room, considering it's the biggest one ever made.

23 June, 2008


I'm excited to leave on Friday, from the Cincinnati Aiport at 8PM. (EST) Of course I am no where near prepared to go as always. As an expert on procrastination, I have not started packing. I have spent the first six weeks of summer break from NYU at home in Cincinnati working around 40 hours a week. There was nothing left to do but work considering the exchange rate. 1GBP=1.90USD. Even that changes daily. A little advice for exchanging money, don't go to a bank that they have to order it because you're bound to waste 13-26 dollars. Exchange rates are apparently better at the bigger banks in downtown Cincinnati or the International Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, but don't wait til you're at London's airport or you will have the worst exhange rate.

I have many things to do before leaving, aside from packing. I have so many friends and family members to see. I have to work two more shifts at Mio's to make some extra money. I have to buy some things as well. I have to call my bank and cell phone company to fill them in that I will be abroad.

I am very eager to leave Ohio. It lacks a certain energy that New York has-- I hope to find a similar and better one in London. It is also a big city, which I think I will really enjoy. I have never been out of the country so either way this is going to be a new experience for me. I doubt a trip like this can be bad. Of course it is not all fun, I am taking 8 credits over in England. These consist of 2 journalism classes Monday through Thursday. One is "Reporting the Arts" and the other is "Reporting London." I think they will both allow for me to get a feel of the culture in London and really see it all.

5-ish more days to go.. I'm getting anxious and ready to leave Ohio...